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Chiang Mai Money Club Meeting, Thursday November 28, 2013 , New Location!

'Join us on  Thursday,  November 28, 2013 (11:30-1:00pm) for the FREE Chiang Mai Money Club monthly meeting.   
The Money Club is a new initiative aimed at expats, retirees, and  investors, or anyone with an interest in money.
NOTE:  To accommodate more club members  we are meeting at a new location. All future meetings will be held at THE AIRPORT GREENERY, (see attached flier for details)

Membership is FREE.

Some of the keys topics I will discuss in detail in 2014 are listed below:




  • How Expats can save and invest in Thailand with minimal risk
  • How to buy winning stocks that double and triple in price
  • How to sell stocks and take emotion out of your investing decisions
  • Understanding bull and bear markets- a historical look at the financial markets
  • 5 Free online resources you can use to manage your portfolio and research stocks/funds
  • Globalization – Keys to understanding emerging markets and current bull market
  • The Technology Revolution- What it is and how to invest in technology stocks
  • Market Bottoms- An in depth look at human psychology and why most investors sell at the wrong time.
  • 4 Advantages of Exchange Traded Funds and why they are the fastest growing investment vehicle
  • Ten ways to protect your money from scams in Thailand
  • Why expats need to avoid offshore savings schemes-such as Royal Skandia and Friends Provident (high fees, lock in periods, low performance)
  • Tax Reporting Requirements for US expats
  • Transferring your UK Pension savings into an overseas pension scheme (QROPS)
This month we will discuss the global markets , give a review of the major indexes and leading stocks and sectors.   The US markets have been hitting new highs consistently this year and destroying anyone trying to "short" the market. Yesterday the Nasdaq closed at 4000, a 13-year high and closing in on the year 2000 high.  Also since our last Money Club meeting the Japanese stock market has broken out of a trading range and is headed higher.  We will discuss these topics and more such as charts of Google, (both over $1000 a share), Apple, and emerging market ETFs.

I will detail the Finance  / Investment Banking Sector and detail 4 stocks that have doubled in price in the last 12 months.  See attached PDF file showing charts of TD Ameritrade, Etrade, Interactive Brokers and Ameriprise Financial.  This is a good sign investors are slowly returning to invest in the equity markets and buy stocks and funds again.  After the last 13 year consolidation we are now seeing brokerage service providers increasing their earnings due to much higher trading volume.  This is a good sign for the economic recovery as it shows investors are returning and once again investing in the global economy. 

The bull market is alive and well and as you can see from the attached long term chart of the Nasdaq (US Technology stocks)  the last five years have been very profitable but you had to invest while the news every day was gloomy.   "Bull-markets are born on pessimism, grow on skepticism, mature on optimism and die on euphoria."

The Money Club meets on the last Thursday of each month.'

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Jean Boulle Luxury
The Boulle Luxury Experience. In March 2016, after 3 years of investment in research and subsequent development of its proprietary diamond coating technology, the Jean Boulle Luxury Group ("Boulle Luxury")  announced the launch of its patent-pending diamond compound for luxury finishes, and confirmed the delivery of its first multi-million diamond-coated car finish in Geneva. In March 2017, Boulle Luxury announced that its High Tech. luxury diamond finish technology had been used in a paint exhibited on a Rolls-Royce Ghost Elegance (EWB) at the 2017 Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS).  Boulle Luxury worked with the Bespoke division of Rolls Royce Motor Cars Limited ( to import the sea diamonds from Namibia and to produce the diamond compound in Holland  and Germany that was used on the  car displayed by Rolls Royce Motor Cars Limited at the 2017 Geneva International Motor Show.   The proprietary, patent-pending Boulle Luxury finish enables ultra high-end producers of luxury automobiles, executive jets and superyachts to offer a diamond-inlay coating that is unsurpassable in strength and absolutely incomparable in beauty and visual depth. When applying the Boulle Luxury Diamond Finish, the existing paintwork is not affected and remains in situ whilst the topcoat is chemically removed and replaced with our patent-pending diamond coating. The Chairman, C.E.O. and Directors of the Jean Boulle Luxury Group include a number of former De Beers Executives who have since 2016 expanded the Group’s diamond technology from Luxury Cars into the SuperYacht and Aerospace Sectors.  Disclaimer : this page is not intended for any specific nationality or jurisdiction. It is also not intended and Boulle Luxury does not solicit clients from the U.S. or any other specific jurisdiction.
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