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When it became clear that alluvial diamonds were fast running dry in the secretive Chiadzwa (Marange) diamond fields, one morning Mines and Mining Development Minister, Walter Chidhakwa — in a move short of nationalisation — started his day by announcing that government was going to merge all the eight diamond-mining firms operating in the area.
Before anyone had made head and tail of what the minister was driving at, Murowa Diamonds — a private diamond firm jointly owned by Rio Tinto Plc and RioZim — had been roped in as it started emerging that government was desperate to get hold of machinery and technology suitable for underground mining of the diamondiferous kimberlites remaining in Chiadzwa.
In a no nonsense tone, Chidhakwa indicated that government would not accept any objections, adding that the State was ready to compensate mining houses that would not accept the new arrangement, after which they would be asked to leave the country.
“If you do not want to be in this company, we might have to work out ways, methods of parting ways (and) the kind of compensation that we need to give to those who many not want to participate in this company,” fumed Chidhakwa. Every smash- and-grab operation has to be accompanied by tough talk!
Just like in Jebs, the rules had been changed overnight and there was nothing the mining firms could do about it! In effect, instead of Chidhakwa punishing those fly-by-night firms that looted Chiadzwa dry, he is rewarding them with a stake in a bigger enterprise.